A Shield Embargo For URF?

I'm curious if Riot would consider a Shield Embargo to go along side the Health Embargo in Ultra Rapid Fire. {{champion:37}} was the very reason it was implemented in the first place and now that she has a shield to go along with healing it kind of makes the embargo pointless to her specifically. There are some champions that can constantly keep up a shield when they build AP making trading or even end points of the game frustrating. I had a game where the enemy Graves had a Janna and no matter what we tried we could not even scratch him early on because Janna's shield was able to withstand Lv 1 trades. Just for reference I played Zyra and my laner was Talon and even late game became a problem. Champions like {{champion:117}}, {{champion:43}}, {{champion:40}} all have low cds on their shields allowing for fights where it becomes a matter if your team can even deal with it. I'm aware that shields are not the same as healing but I do feel like they can be a little bit too overwhelming if your team isn't able to remove them. This is just something I wanted to know if it would be implemented at all during it's release on live.
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