We need your help! Please report Mac crashes here.

Hey PBEers, Today's PBE update includes a fix for Mac players crashing at the beginning of the loading screen. We'd like your help testing this change! While playing on the Mac, please post about any game crashes here. - Have a bugsplat? Send that crash report! - If you receive the message "League of Legends quit unexpectedly", please select 'report', copy/paste the details into notepad, and attach it to this thread. In your posts, be descriptive about what you were doing when the crash occurred; things like "Loading into game", "When I cast Sion Q", or "When I minimized league" are all examples of useful info to include. And that's it! Thanks for your continued help testing and providing feedback. -- Riot Wittrock {{champion:14}} Edit: PBE is now open!
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