Can't get Project Ashe/Katarina Icons

THIS IS ABOUT PBE ​I got the icons two days ago when we could first get them (right before the patch) I was able to get the Ekko icon but unable to get the Ashe and Katarina icon i had the shards yet whenever i tried it would say "unable to [get], please try again in a few minutes" I then thought that i could just disenchant them and try to get them again Now I'm permanently unable to get them It might be a bug, or i just got them too early but the ekko icon works just fine (with the special loading screen effect) and whatnot if Someone at Riot could help me out and re-enable the icons it would be great (as you can see my PBE Summoner name is Runawaydevil) I can't wait to test the kat and ashe icons/loading slice it would be a great help
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