Replacement for leavers

Hi, browsing through the EUW forum I found a really good idea which, in my oppinion would improve the gameplay experience a lot. Note: This is not my idea, I am just posting it here because I think the idea should be spread and I dont know if the original writer of the following text has a PBE account. Also this feature might already be available in Dota 2, I dont know. [riot what about a new "Replace system " imagine this.. When in a normal 5on5 someone leaves the game and dont come for 5minutes , the mates can click on search replacer as a vote , if the votation wins , the game searchs for a replace person What you win for replace people on matchs? -you can play shorter games if you have no time -easy IP -help community -maybe a badge if you replace x games I hate so much to play 4vs5] all credits go to [RAKUNE pt] (EUW)
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