To Riot Time Wizard. An apology.

So my sincerest apologies directly to you. Let me make this clear: I stand by my aggressive and direct response about the SG Syndra skin and Splash art. I do feel lied too. I do feel like a false statement was made based off misleading information. I apologize if I have personally offended you. I see now, that since you were on a vacation, you cannot be held responsible for the mistakes made in the feedback thread. The Rioters responsible for simply not tasking a Rioter to take over the abandoned thread, are. Riot needs to make a statement to their players addressing the clear issues players have with the SG Syndra skin and the misleading information that came from the thread and what they will do in the future to not have players feel ignored again. I hope your vacation was lovely and my message certainly was not something you should have been greeted with. I know I would not appreciate it. I hope Riot learns to place Rioters that actually available to handle these forums without being forced to take time out of their lives. Any amount of time off should be respected and covered. It's only fair to players and to employees trying to take a well deserved break. Thank you.
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