End of Game Gifting on PBE

Hey guys! We’ve released end of game gifting to the PBE for testing. This is a new way for players to gift fellow Summoners via the post-game lobby. Now, whether you want to thank a friendly player or reward someone’s first Pentakill, you can show your appreciation after the match! Here are the details: • You do NOT have to be friends to send a gift • You can send gifts to players on both teams • Only mystery skins and mystery gifts are available at this time • The prices will be the same as in the store • Gifts will count towards the daily gifting limit. In other words, you can only send/receive up to five gifts each day (For example, sending three mystery skins from the store and two end of game gifts hits your limit) • Available in all queues except for custom games The Unlock team is looking forward to your feedback so please respond to this post with questions and let us know what you think!
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