Here's just one example that literally just happened. I joined before everyone else in champ select called top 4 times and Copy pasted it and another guy said that I called it and these two guys autolock top one of them says sorry and goes jungle and the other guy just says and I quote "f*ck you you g*y f*ggot" and then someone im guessing him dodges. Now stuff like this has happened a few times to me on the PBE and I'm brand new. And I thought that with the PBE being 1000x smaller than the normal NA server (even though the tribunal has been down for like a year wut o-o) there would be more I guess non-toxic people. And the peoples excuse for being toxic is "it doesn't matter kid it's pbe no one cares" but I care and other people care. Being in the PBE is a privilege not a right idk that's very politic but I think that it's true if you're in the pbe you should be thankful and not think that it's just a place to goof off and try out new champs to see if you like them before you buy them on your main because that's what I've seen. Thanks for TL;DR pbe is toxic and excuses are stupid.
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