Is it too late to change some of the new splash arts?

At the current moment with the eleven new splashes, many of them are great improvements the original art. However, of them, I do feel the wukong one is ok (not a fan of the face, but the rest is ok) But more importantly, I feel the Janna splash is actually a drastic change. For myself, I find a) her body is too long, as is her neck. She's much thinner now, to the point of looking somewhat sickly. b) Her face doesn't look that good, I find the lack of round makes her look more like an elf than Janna. c) She's missing her sun tattoo on her arm, she REALLY needs that back guys A friend who mains and loves Janna as a character is upset by the new splash on a number of reasons, including the ones I listed. I quote: > Seeing the Janna splash art at first was a bit of a shock, because it didn't look too much like Janna. Upon further inspection, here's what I found: The sun on her shoulder was removed, sadly, which I found to be a subtle and quirky part of her character design (even though it's not in-game). Her face... doesn't look a lot like Janna, if at all. It seems like the artists are trying to make her taller, and in doing so... she's lanky. Her neck, and torso are a LOT longer than they used to be - which is uncomfortable to say the least. The hair color change is a bit more drastic than I'm comfortable with still calling Janna. But my biggest problem with this is her face - she doesn't look much like the Janna we know. Her facial features have become a bit too sharp. If anything can be changed, please at least consider these changes thank you
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