So,I'm going to be pretty straight forward, I go into PBE almost every day, I play a match and I go back to the BR server, and the BR community is very toxic, so every once in a while I play here more than in BR, and I got to (I did not play much) and the NA community welcomed me well despite the ping, being of BR among other things, and the other reason for me to play in the PBE without being to see new champ / new skin is to test skins that I have interest, to think about buying in BR, only in the spotlight I do not '' have fun '' with the skin to see if I'm going to buy it or not, so I'm buying baú to see skins legacy (since only game of {{champion:35}} / {{champion:79}} thus not being able to win chest) and to test skins of my favorite champs, thank you very much for the inscriptions open for the PBE, of heart jvsagamer Why so serious? -Shaco
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