Thoughts & Feedback for the new Jungle Changes

I do believe the power leveling is nerfed now and so the champions that needed it and played only in the jungle or mainly in the jungle, Just buff power farming champions like Master Yi or shivana early game to be viable for ganking and everything should be fine. Also kindred now will be struggling a lot since their nerfs. Their ganking power is way lower (around 50% down on the early game). So they should give some sort of buffs for them as well to compensate for the removal of fast leveling. Essentially, the power of her ganks were the constant gap closer and the slow by which both of them have been nerfed, we can still gank without a huge cc if we have a good gap closer (like master yi), but on a 4+ sec cooldown the Q becomes irrelevant to use since by that time the enemy can easily retreat if not pinned down somehow or chased all the way.
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