The New Summoner Rift: League of Legends is turning their back from their initial goal becoming...

The New Summoner Rift: League of Legends is turning their back from their initial goal becoming more and more similar to their counterpart Let's start with clarity for us this is about making game play information more readable one way we've tried to accomplish this is by controlling **color saturation** and **level of detail** in the environment so it doesn't distract from that lissandra claw sneaking up behind you in most situation the first thing you should see is the UI followed by visual effects like champion abilities and summoner spells then champions,minions and monsters and finally the environment itself basically we want you to be focus on fighting your opponent not the game ============================================================ okay so you're telling me there is people who is distracted by the map "oh look at that beautiful map! oh no i totally lost focus on the game I even forgot I was playing! but what am I gonna do D:" I never had this issue with the Summoner Rift maybe it will helps for people who has carpal tunnel syndrome but for me it won't just like how you gave us a colorblind mode for those who have color vision deficiency but in the video option **tl;dr** **how about you give us an option to have a lively saturated and colored map. some people like to enjoy the map they play in in their fullness** **and the old map was more enjoyable which made me more happy , the new map is more sinister and it has impact , yes color has a significant impact on your mood. (you'll be warned)** I love LoL because the color is a lively bright colorful and saturated league of legends was the only game who wasn't darkish gray low color saturated. it's like the new SR is going back in the medieval time when it was supposed to be diversified league of legends is turning their back from their initial goal and becoming more and more similar to the other dota game it's diversity that make us stronger because they established their independence from the other dota game by being different elegant and diversified but not anymore I am afraid.
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