ARAM, TT, Dominion

For the game mode ARAM it is hard to find a match for it what so ever and i feel like that could be sort of an issue. You see a bug with the new updates could be endless on what can happen and if the new things that you update, whether it be champs or items, only get fixed on summoners rift then who knows how it could be on the maps ( such as Howling abyss, Twisted Treeline, and Dominion) and it's hard to know if their could be a potential bug on that map since everyone only plays on SR. I would just like riot to either bring in more summoners on the pbe that play more then just on SR, or encourage summoners to actually play those types of game modes because it's hard to know if their will be a bug or not on that map if all summoners do is play on SR.
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