I think I can speak for most of us testers when I say: We would really appreciate it if some sort of news broadcast system could be put out telling us when the server will be down or up. This can easily be accomplished by creating a **Twitter** account and having testers follow it or; create a **Facebook** **group** or **page** and have the testers like the page or join the group. I think making something like this would be extremely efficient and would be a massive help to the added (but not needed) frustration and confusion of when servers are up or down. Testers are relying on other testers asking if the server is up or down with posts on here. In reality it should be simple and clear to maximize the available time for testers in the current cycle to report bugs they find either on the Fields of Justice or in the launcher. I feel that the ***Riot*** employees in charge of the PBE side of LoL should at least create something like the examples above in order for this to go a bit more smoothly. Thank you for reading :) "Brofist"

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