@RIOT Skin Chroma

First off, I am very disappointed that you guys would even consider asking RP for recolors of ANY skin or base. In game currency, mastery system would be be better in the long run as well as add even more incentive to play. Second, instead of having few 'specially' crafted recolors, there should just be a hue slider for different sections and such. Sure, you would have to remake the skin system in the game but it in the long run it would pay out more considering that having a group make these + the amount of community demands for different colors is a very inefficient way of doing this. Finally, if you are bent up on doing this because of course, my opinion is irrelevant and the chances that any of you @riot would actually listen to their community completely instead of adding a little spin and making it yours is close to zero. Stay off the neon colors for the recolors. Just my 2 cents.
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