TF Nerf Discussion

So TF's Destiny got nerfed on PBE - again - which makes me wonder what the idea behind TF is? Isn't his entire identity to be the globally ganking midlane threat? What gives? Not to mention the homeguard removal-and-move-to-20mins which hurts his laning even more since frequently going base to shop for cdr items and healing was kind of his jist. On top of that - something that makes no sense at all - is nerfing his Wild Cards and taking 20 damage off at max rank. Taking a look at his pitiful AP ratios - of which he has 3 - he just tops 1.6 in a full rotation, and admittedly, Lich Bane makes it a bit better, but that's one item slot forcefully taken by an item that has to be built in order to do decent damage, and with the current mage itemization, Lich Bane/Luden's is as good as his build is going to get. This is a huge hit to a champion that needs buffs more than nerfs.
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