PBE Bugs & Feedback: Jungle Timers!

~~**EDIT: We're temporarily turning off Jungle Timers in preparation for 4.11 testing. They'll be back afterwards!**~~ Hello Summoners! This edition of PBE includes an exciting new feature: Jungle Timers. On the scoreboard (default TAB), we’ve added respawn trackers for the Elder Lizard, Ancient Golem, Dragon, and Baron. These timers operate with the exact same rules that the minimap icons do - that is, they only work if your team has visibility of the camp being cleared. As such, the new jungle timers provide the same information but in a more accessible manner. Ultimately we’re making this change so that players can focus more on the game and the decisions to be made. While there's some knowledge and skill that goes into memorizing / keeping track of monster timers, this tends to reward bookkeeping as a core skill – something more akin to busywork than real strategy. The real strategic power of spawn timers are tied to the tactical decisions and team coordination necessary in securing objectives. As we mentioned in our [dev blog on Clarity](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/lol-design-values-depth-clarity), it's our job to provide an environment with clear information on this stuff, and to give players the tools to make informed decisions. It's also important to note that whatever decision a player makes with this information can also be wrong (ie: choosing to prioritize the wrong objective, being in the wrong position, etc), so the teams with better strategy will always perform better. If you have any feedback when it comes to jungle timers (how do they look? is the information readable?) feel free to leave them below.
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