Try Out Worlds Crafting!

Hey guys! Riot Katana from the esports team with a quick update on what's coming up for Worlds emotes, crafting, and more. So far you may have seen that we’re bringing back temporary team emotes with a few extras - you can now level up your icons and emotes as well as unlock a brand new team recall for the month of October from crafting. We’re enabling the crafting experience on the PBE store today, so poke around, experiment with leveling up, and let us know what you think! Here’s a quick guide on how to get there: Unlock the icon for your favorite team (250 RP, 30% will go directly to the teams) and you’ll automatically get the shard to level up to Tier 2 in your Hextech Crafting materials. To upgrade the shard, you’ll need 10 Championship Jewels which you can get in two ways: Championship Jewels Token [150 IP, contains 2 Jewels] available once per Worlds 2016 broadcast day, Championship Chest [195 RP for chest and key, contains 3 Jewels and all normal Hextech Drops]. For PBE testing, you’ll be able to buy multiple Championship Jewels Tokens. You can upgrade to Tier 3 which comes with the recall as well for another 12 jewels. You’ll be able to advance through all tiers for IP only after purchasing the team icon or you can speed up the process with Hextech Chests. If you’re only interested in spending IP, you can pick up the free Worlds icon and upgrade it to Tier 2, but it’s an icon only with no emotes or recalls. Crafting materials will expire at 23:59 PST on November 6 along with the team emotes and recalls. _Please note that this experience will not function in the League Client Update Alpha until patch 6.20. Hextech Crafting items will appear in your inventory but the crafting paths will not work properly until after the patch._ Check out this quick video run through to see what it looks like when everything comes together to create the ultimate fandom recall. Let us know what you think in the comments down below! -Katana {{champion:25}}
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