Change The PBE Purchase System

Please help the PBE players. I just got PBE account 4 days ago. I don't have 999999 RP anymore. On the first day of PBE I got 8k RP, and 150k BE. After I spent all the BE and RP, I used to get 8k RP daily but not BE at all unless I play games. Plus the skins and champions aren't 1 RP anymore. I have to pay the real price for the skins and champions. These 8k RP aren't worth. Is there any way to increase the RP limit such as 20K RP or 50k RP? Or revert the system, give us the 999999 RP where everything will be 1 RP. 8k RP is like buying 3 champs and 3 skins daily. 8k RP isn't enough to test the PBE. Please Riot solve this issue. I'll be really grateful to you.
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