PBE should be limited on new champ arrivals

So a bunch of people wait hours to log in to PBE because yea, everyone is trying to play Ekko. Problems: 1. People are dodging cause they don't get to play Ekko 2. Login queues are Over 9000 because everyone wants to play Ekko 3. People log in and see that in 2 minutes Riot is going to do maintenance and shut down PBE. Solutions: 1. After a certain amount of dodges, remove PBE access. Stop being cry babies cause you can't play who you want. This behavior shouldn't even be tolerated and it's making login and play queues worse. For being in champ select with people that are being trolls/cry babies/etc. can we get a report button before they can dodge and can that functionality be pushed to live? 2. Limit the amount of times people can play a champ upon the first week of a newly released champ. Make a custom if you want to play more. 3. Can there be a set schedule for non-emergency maintenance or at least a 2-3 hour warning instead of a 30 minute warning? That way the people logging in for 2-4 hours won't log in for nothing. It's kinda trolly.... http://puu.sh/hOA1A/286d6af822.png

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