Kindred gets released like this?

So after all the complain of the PBE community about Kindred being lackluster in several aspects such as missing interaction with wolf, identity or position as a champ in game, as well has numerous suggestions for changes concernig Kindred's abilities - especially Passive, Q and R - all Riot does is... nothing? I mean patch 5.19 notes are out and Kindred will be released in a few days, so I assume there will be no mayor changes anymore. Things are going sloppily through PBE nowadays. The feedback we give seems to have no impact anymore. It happened to Bard when he was released way to weak. It happened to Skarner when he was way to strong. Of course that's what buffs, nerfs and hotfixes are good for, but when we start neglecting a champion's overall DESIGN... Well, then the PBE is not what it was supposed to be.
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