All Random Urf should have a banning phase.

I've played the new All Random URF a LOT of times since it's been up and I have to say Riot has done a good job stepping into the right direction for this gamemode. Nobody liked going into Urf and seeing the same champs if they were left unbanned like sona, zed, eve, hecarim, etc. With the randomness of this the games are definitely more fun and unique and you get to experience champions that at first you might not have thought to be strong in urf. While this IS a step in the right direction, I believe adding a draft/banning phase before all the champions are dished out could be even more beneficial. Obviously the randomness has reduced the amount of times you see these champions, but it didn't kill them completely and you seem them atleast once every 4th game. Hell, I even had 3 games in a row where nidalee was played either on my team or the enemies. Adding a ban phase would help get rid of the overly oppressive champions, and leave even more room to get the new champs players have never played before. **TL;DR:** I feel adding a banning phase to All Random URF would be very beneficial to the gamemode.
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