Doom Bots - Tear should be Fast Charged + other suggestions/feedback

Doom Bots Item Suggestions: - **Tear of the Goddes** - Should be Tear of the Goddess (Fast Charged) In Doom Bots games will either be won or lose before 20 minutes, so that doesn't give you very much time to fully charge a tear. - **Melee specific item or Dorans item** - There are very few viable melee champions for 100 Difficulty, most melee champions will die before the cc wears off, so an item that's Melee ONLY that offers movement speed, tenacity, OR damage reduction on the item would help create greater champion diversity in the game mode. Feedback: - **Mejai's Soulstealer** - I think its great the item is available, at higher difficulties it is difficult to keep stacks, so there's a good risk vs reward - **Cull** - I think its great this item is available, it usually gets completed closer to when Teemo spawns (sometimes even after). It rewards having good CS before Teemo spawns. - **Difficulty** - (This is my opinion and it depends on what Riot's philosophy on Doom Bots 100 Difficulty should be) In my opinion, 100 difficulty should be impossible and anything around 90 "can be possible" but only with really good teamwork/coordination and a proper team composition built around the game mode. I've won at 100 Difficulty and I don't think it'd be that hard for a coordinated team to win. It was mentioned that it'd be interesting to see what was the highest difficulty anybody can win at in the WORLD, but if thousands of people are able to do 100 Difficulty, it'd be less prestigious. Bug(?): - **Malzahar** - new monsters that spawn from Malzahar's portal are able to move when Teemo is being summoned at 15minutes ( where time moves forward but everybody is suppose to be in stasis), but the new monsters summoned into the game are able to move DOWN the lane. This usually results in one champion being attacked by 3 Voidlings that were not previously there, which also spawns more voidlings for hitting an enemy champion, so when the stasis ends, that champion usually dies soon after because there are now 8 voidlings hitting him. (tbh this seems hard to fix)
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