Future's Market desc unclear or functionality is not working?

For Future&#039;s market, the description says that there is a 50g lending fee per item. However, how does that work? When I have 0 gold and I buy a Faerie Charm, I&#039;ll be at -125 gold. But then what is that 50g lending fee? That makes me expect that if I buy Faerie Charm when I have 0g, I&#039;d be at -175g after the purchase. Since I&#039;m not, I&#039;m assuming that either the Rune isn&#039;t working correctly, or the description is wrong/unclear. Update: Tested it with MikuMiku's suggestion (thanks) of leaving the Fountain and then it does subtract the lending fee, except that if you buy 2 items that require you to go into debt (so two Faerie Charms that together put you at -150g), you still only get dinged for the 50g lending fee once, even though the description clearly says 50g PER item! Edit: I meant this for the Bugs board >.< Edit 2: Added updated info.
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