Doom Bots List of Bugs/Complaints

So I have been playing quite a bit of doom bots here's some of my feedback. - Doom bots who have victor's lasers are heavily annoying and make a static sound as if the game were a broken TV. This is unpleasant and would definitely hinder from players playing this. Please somewhat mute this sound or tone it down before it goes on live. This includes champions {{champion:81}} {{champion:115}} in my recent game. The sound goes on even if victors lasers aren't even firing. - Bug splats everywhere in every level of doom bot. I experienced lag in level 5 doom bots. I will continue to update the post, **please share anything you'd all like to be fixed as well!** edit: I can say with 90% confidence that galio's q causes bug splats. But it is not the only cause for bug splats.

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