SKT skins will be reworked/remade but RIOT won't even touch Diana skin after getting feedback?

I know that Diana isn't FOTM or OP/freelo champion also SKT Faker don't play her in LCK so we won't knew his opinion about that skin but come on.... RIOT I beg you, don't ignore the feedback you were getting whole week. We waited 3+ years for Diana skin and I'm 100% sure that no one wants **unfinished/rushed** product that look like **COPY OF WILDFIRE ZYRA**. If you need to, then delay that skin just like SKT skins and release it later (even with bigger price if necessary) so you can work on it and implement the changes/ideas/feedback that you got from community (PBE board/reddit/other places(?)) **MODEL/TEXTURES** 1) Hair: part of hair is transparent and other part is "solid".... please remove the transparency of that hair/make it look less like dying flame/gas. Atm you can clearly see the spot that separates her hair. There should be no difference between her "static" short hair and the animated "mane" particles * _"In my opinion it's not opaque enough or long enough, it looks odd and like it's cut off randomly (like in those older video games where they could only make the hair so long before it ended in squares awkwardly). My only critique would be to give her the normal length of her hair (with the fire effects at least)."_ * _"Her hair are too short, and you can see a clear line that separates the " solid" part of them from the start of the part that was supposed to be fire.This effect not only is really ugly but it reflects a lack of attention in execution, and completely send away the impression of fire this skin should give. "_ * _"The "fire" part of her hair is not just too short and too few elaborated but the color is wrong and the "flame effect" barely can be seen."_ * _"I do think her hair blends into her head way too much. It makes it very difficult to see where one ends, the other begins, especially while moving. I would appreciate if her hair was darkened a bit, maybe to look less bright yellow and more of a dark orange? It would contrast nicely with the bronze/rustic look of the armor and the bright yellow face. _ * _"You could also add red in her hair or in her crown (as an outline in the crown)"_ * _"Criticism - the hair. I was expecting a flowing mane of flame as her hair is pretty much a signature element of her design. Right now though? It looks like a flickering candle about to die out. Can someone amp it up a bit? Or, preferably, a lot?"_ * _"Her hair is so empty, the flame is so simple."_ * _"Currently her hair blends too much with her face which can make it look a little too much like a yellow/orange dot. Possibly soften the face or do something more animated with the hair to give it some life away from sitting there"_ 2) Odd armor behavior during her running animation. [For detailed explanation just read this post]( since it's hard to make good tl;dr maybe beside "her butt protector have clipping issues and lack animation frames like on basic skin" 3) Armor/attire/clothes: Dunno if others actually saw that but her lower part of armor/pants/rump protector/<the tail thingy> and gloves are just recolored parts from her basic skin (Lunari uniform) * _"Overall-Color scheme seems off. too much reds and oranges, not enough glow, not enough black. based on the other skins the fire should be breaking up from hell, which i dont really see here. with infernal Nasus specifically, it has much more of a darker, hell-based skin. this seems way too cheesy and based on fire."_ * _"Honestly this looks like normal diana but on fire. And not in a good way... She looks like a muddy orange and black blob, and just really bad. Like almost unprofessional, she looks like a custom skin."_ * _"Her armour is literally copied from her classic skin.This is not acceptable for a 1350 rp skin, and the back of it doesn't fit at all a fire-themed skin ( come on.... she is supposed to be in flame, that part should have burned, not become dyed in orange for some strange reasons."_ * _"(...) although the color of the armor may be a tiiiiiiiiny bit dull"_ * _"I think what the skin needs, is a little bit more red in it. Perhaps, red in her armour or on her boots. You could also add red in her hair or in her crown (as an outline in the crown)."_ * _"Her outfit is basically her normal's skin one but fired up."_ * _"She seems to have some sort of floating circlet, maybe give it a different color (orange, red), so it shows clearly where her hairline is at, when looking upfront?"_ * _"Looks like that Zyra skin, feels way too similar. too much red and orange, needs more black to feel like the other infernal skins."_ 4) Whole skin sadly looks like giant yellow&orange mass/blob put in dark armor. Lack of contrasts and different shades are eyehurting and make that skin boring/meh. Everything is yellow/orange: her weapon, skin, face, cat, hair, car, etc. Her armor needs to be more black, not pitch black but stronger than what we have now. That crescent moon/flame (?) ornament on her back needs to be smaller and have some black outline on it. Her crown/tiara should be red or have red outline. Her skin color needs to be changed from unnatural yellow to more real human like * _"I think this pretty much boils down the skin/hair/armor color problem: She's got too much that's supposed to be "fire/lava" themed right now. She should have one of the following be a reddish, fire theme: Hair, skin, or armor. Everything else should be an accent/complement to that. **[I'm personally a fan of a picture that someone posted earlier]( Flesh colored skin, fiery red hair, cool flame effects on the weapon.**"_ * _"My biggest concern with the model is her head, the face and hair are so bright and there's no color difference between them so it's kind of difficult to look at or see any detail you know? I do really like the trail of fire particles that come from her hair when she walks though."_ 5) RIOT wasted huge opportunity to make Diana's amazing sword [be covered with animated flames]( that became stronger during her passive or when she attacks. * _"Her sword just left me disappointed. Not bad looking, but not good looking neither, I expected a sword of fire, or at least a sword with some flames around it... instead it's just an orange sword."_ * _"The sword personally reminds me of the Molten rammus skin, color gradient not much else going on"_ * _"Sword looks too simplified, perhaps add small flames or smoke coming off."_ 6) Face/skin color: Her face is EMPTY! **no eye pupils, her eyebrows and lips are hardly noticeable** (no lipstick or some different color compared to her skin): her face is perfect material for Nightmare Fuel memes or other stuff that can be used to scare people ;_; 2spooky4me D: send help please! * _"I agree on the face blending into her hair, [at some point it reminded me of the teletubbies' baby-face sun"]( * _First of all as it was mentioned by others in the hair problem, both hair and skin color are the same... hair blends with her face because overall whole skin is big MASS/BLOB of yellow/orange mix."_ She would look much much **BETTER **with human skin (light, pale, a bit tanned or other shade) instead that with yellow skin like some parody of [Fire Atronach](, other fire elemental/golem from random RPG games or even as bad copy of ** Wildfire Zyra**. Don't even try to use the "we wanted to make that skin look similar"... so why it's Infernal Diana not Wildfire Diana? ~~stop giving them stupid idea Lukiner~~ * _"Her skin is too yellow, and, with the color of her armor (its' not dark enough to make the contrast needed), her hair, her sword and her abilities just contributes to create a big bright yellow mess that really doesn't seem fire, and even less a fire being. Also, there are literally no flames, even if her skin color seems to suggest that..Unless she is inspired on a salamander."_ * _"Hair and face are too blended, soften one or change the hair."_ * _"Other people already mentioned the hair, and the skin colour, and the zyra so I won't mention that stuff"_ * _"She's got too much that's supposed to be "fire/lava" themed right now. She should have one of the following be a reddish, fire theme: Hair, skin, or armor. Everything else should be an accent/complement to that. **[I'm personally a fan of a picture that someone posted earlier]( Flesh colored skin, fiery red hair, cool flame effects on the weapon.**"_ I made it in 20-30 minutes in Photoshop and I have no art skills... imagine what talented person from RIOT could do with access to skin model and proper software for making/modifying skins. Why does Foxfire Ahri (IMHO one of the best skins for Ahri) don't have yellow/red skin despite it's fire themed skin? Foxfire Ahri also have her tails covered in animated flames but she is still "human"... make the same with Diana. Keep her long fire hair but give her human skin and red/black/orange armor and burning sword. **If RIOT wants to stick with yellow skin and empty hollow face then they could at least make 1-2 Chromas for Infernal Diana where she have human skin and different color of her armor for example.** More potential money earn from skin and chroma sells + more Diana players happy = two birds with one stone! **SFX** Passive and Ultimate ability have not very fire themed sounds. Passive makes some od "metal" sounds while ultimate makes some "arcane/lightning" magic sound. * _"As far as SFX go, I feel the passive is too... 'chunky'. I can hear the metal and the fire seperately and it sounds like she is slamming a hammer into a wobbly piece of metal. It just sounds too metal and heavy. I think getting the sound closer to a combination of a slashing sound and a 'whoosh' from fire would be a nice touch. The only other SFX I have an issue with is the ult. It sounds a bit too... ping-y? Like something you'd hear from an pure magical or arcane spell, like in Taric's SFX."_ * _"Also i am really not a fan of the SFX for her basic attacks and passive. It is kinda metalic, i feel that a whiff sound would be much better. Like "sshfroww, ssssshffroww, SSSHFROWWWWWW!" You know that sound fire makes when its blown by wind?"_ * _"For the most part, I really like the SFX of this skin. My only complaint is Lunar Rush's SFX. This doesn't sound fire-y at all to me. It sounds more like something Ryze or Xerath would do. A "woosh" sound would be more appropriate, I think."_ * _"A little bit underwhelming. I like the SFX, but Lunar goddess Diana's particles change to a flower as she stacks her passive up so I was a fairly disappointed to see that this skin just used a red version of her base skin's symbol."_ * _"Q - Definitely my least favorite part of the skin. Considering it's her primary spell, the particle just seems so bland and **when it hits an enemy the sound effect feels seriously weak compared to the noise her q makes on her other skins**, however I do like how the moonlight debuff looks."_ Someone even pointed that enemies don't hear sounds of her spells. * _"Just played a Hexakill match, the enemy team had an Infernal Diana. I couldn't hear her SFX, it was just silence every time. I don´t know if its a bug or not but i thought i had to report this."_ **Particles** Her E and Passive use basic model particles/Moon mark. Her Passive is really hard to read/see when it's ready. Another person said that her Q fades to fast compared to how it do on other skins * _"Btw, it is a nice skin but "E" could be a bit more complex... Its just a very simple outline of the classic Lunar mark. I´m gonna leave a suggestion, how about change that mark to something in the theme "Inferno"? I'm not saying the Pentagram but around that..."_ * _"Also, why use her base passive indicator for this skin? Was it for the consistency with E? Where there any other symbols that were suggested for use? What about the symbol for when Infernal Nasus uses Siphoning Strike?"_ * _"E - Pretty good but feels like it's missing something. The SFX and the symbol's fiery effects look really cool, although like the passive I was disappointed to see that the symbol was the same as her base skin. As for what I meant when I said something's missing, In Diana's other skins there's a particle for her E that makes it look as if she's pulling gravity towards herself as well as displaying the moon symbol beneath her, but in this skin it only shows the symbol? Not sure if this was intentional or not but I definitely think the extra particle makes this ability look a lot better."_ * _"Her passive and E form is THE SAME AS HER NORMAL SKIN. Even Lunar Godess changes more things than this one and it costs way less."_ * _"The passive stacking animation can get lost in some parts of SR's map due to color; the first two hits ( and in some cases the third hit) blend in because they are dull. You may also want to consider making the "passive ready" indicator much more noticeable."_ * _"The particles for Infernal's Q fade very quickly as they are going out, and overall the cast of Q is not quite as bright/flashy as the other skins. In other words, Infernal's Q "feels" like it completes much quicker and is not as noticeable. Diana's Q is a spell that you really want to avoid to prevent her from dealing her maximum damage, and this might make it harder to do that."_ * _"Q mark and Q missile arent noticeable enough, and looks more as a simple empowered annie AA..."_ * _"Q - Definitely my least favorite part of the skin. **Considering it's her primary spell, the particle just seems so bland **and when it hits an enemy the sound effect feels seriously weak compared to the noise her q makes on her other skins, **however I do like how the moonlight debuff looks.**_ * _"Potential fixes: Q-When Q hit Add an explosion sound, same as Mecha Kha zix Q or W. /// W-Wincrease the fireball explosion sound on W when hit. /// E-must calcinate the floor, same as proyect Yasuo mark the land...or several other spell effects. /// R-When diana Dashes, she must leave a burning trail on the Floor."_ And this is just feedback gathered from the [PBE thread]( made for this skin. I can't imagine what stuff I could find if I decide to dig on reddit for example or other social medias. RIOT please look more at this skin. You gave SKT fans a giant hope and reason to celebrate victory and the spam the "we did it Reddit!!" meme so do the same for us Diana fans :( art by [MoonMun]( **PRETTY PLEASE ;_;**
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