(Suggestions) Clarity/Surge - Ranked

Hey guys so I was thinking and let me get to the point Clarity is sorta useless. Ok early game for support or mid its ok but supports would be more useful for flash or exaust, and the adc can just conserve mana. Mid you could replace it with flash, ignite or Teleport and those would be several times more useful then it and if you just get a chalice of harmony or tear then you really dont ever use it anymore. so a suggestion is either combine heal and clarity, buff clarity. The deal with heal and clarity I almost did not put it in here because I mean if your support your cait might could ult someone be out of mana but full health so you wast it, or the other way around shes low health but is full mana. But ya'll Remeber surge? That awsome sumoners spell where when you got it and yi's ult could solo turret at level 10? or walk into a bush BOOM! so anyway I was thinking that yall could bring that back only nerf it a little and make it ap but put in in with Clarity. So for example im soraka bottom, support an adc like cait, cait gets a trap off at their adc we dive. However she doesent have enough mana to Q and E or enough damage to finish off there adc I can use Clarity/Surge would would give me lets say 35% increased Magic Damage (Which would be a massive buff so yall would have to nerf the magic damage) and give 250 Mana (Increases by Level) and half of that to teamates within a certain area so while giving me the mana and ability power to heal cait a lot it also gives her the mana to E Q. Just a sugestion thought it might be a good idea not to mention ahri spirit rushing around the turret with surge on (This would increase the nuker like LB nuking power which would be sorta a pain so that's a downside Considering LB is already way op if played right) Ranked > So on my normal account im just in bronze 4 :( so before people blow me off because im in bronze for one im going to say what everyone else says that makes people mad *I BLAME MY TEAM* (ALthough I could probably do a lot better in my playstyle) Ok so i climbed up and I noticed that every game I got almost the same LP ive got 2-3 ideas. For one yall could make it so that every game you win the LP you get increases by like 1.5 2.5 or somthing if you win the next game so for example I could win 1 game get 22 LP then the next game if I won I might get 24 then next 26 but if you lose one-two your LP goes back down to the original. Ok im not sure about if yall have somthing like this on there but what if you got in a series then won 2 out of the 3 then you go to the next like if i won a series in bronze 3 like that, then I went to bronze 2 but I started at 0 LP and if I won the next game it immediatly went to 50 or like 30-40 LP because I won my 3 out of 3 in series but if i just win 2 out of 3 I start at 0 LP. ( and when I got up to bronze 3 then my increase in LP goes back to original) (For Example I go from bronze 4 to 3 and im getting 40 LP when I win a game i get in a series then go up to bronze 3 I got back to 20 or whatever yall have it set at a game) ( I have a feeling it wouldent be good to have people advancing that fast so if yall did do it you would probably need to nerf the per game LP scaling to like an extra 1-2 every 2 games)
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