SO ive played roughly around 1.6k matches on Evelynn between last year and this one, im a plat Jungler whos pretty much been dying for this rework to happen. That being said, i definitely think eve is heading in the right direction, but i feel like there are some very critical things that kind of affect her. Her passive overall is pretty good, it leaves alot of room to sustain in lane/jungle pretty damn well. The only issue is that after level 6, the stealth that you get is cancelled by taking damage. Most(if not all champs, also including current eve) that have camo are able to stay stealthed while taking damage, but instead have an indicator that shows when they take damage while stealthed instead. Her Q feels really lackluster as far as damage goes in the earlier steps of the game, especially when trying to trade against other champions. Its just not comparable to most other skills to trade against sadly. Her E feels kind of lackluster too. Its supposed to be a gap closer, but its so close range it kind of misses the point altogether. If im THAT close as it is, what space am i really trying to close at that point ? Her W overall is pretty solid. The time it takes to debuff the charm is a bit long so laners have to be pushed pretty far out to take advantage of it unfortunately. One of my biggest issues so far is her ulti. Not having the option to teleport back feels as if its fairly linear in gameplay. Theres no indicator to determine if her ulti can actually kill someone or not either, unlike say Zed or Garen who allow you to know when their execute is deadly. Also teleporting far back whilst leaving someone at critical health tends to be a frustrating experience. Not sure how much anyone else agrees with me, or how much weight this post even holds. But here it is for what its worth =). Any other thoughts comments or feedback would definitely be appreciated!
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