Ashe Changes First Impressions

I felt a difference in play-style right off the bat. Lane phase seemed A LOT better i don't have to look at my crit chance building up (thinking... Should i last hit or engage) or how much mana i'm using with my Q. Rangers Focus is in need of balance i took down an inhib turret with all the autos in my Q in like 4 sec. Its like a Lucian ult i can use on any target i want every 10 sec. Awesome but too much. Volley is 1,000 X better feels better and works on clumped enemies. I love that e has low cooldown between them so i can track 2 areas at the same time super useful to secure objectives. In all she feels way better and fits in more with the Meta ADC. and as an adc main i am excited to play her over and over to get it all down.
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