My last words to the pbe community

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
HI everybody , i am on pbe for almost 6 months from now,waited for it for 2 years , i played over 200 games , i can say i enjoyed every skin , test out and reported every bug and helped summoners but 3 games can change the course of that . Over the past few weeks i entered for d promos (i know everybody takes pbe as a fun client , not struggling , but that doesnt mean to troll any game without any consecuences because "it's pbe " ) and got placed with trolls and flamers over and over and tried to keep my calm , muted all , but in these 3 games today , as my last try to play a normal game on pbe i got another set of people doing the same thing(you can check my match history i cant acces it). It was the last drop for today , i went rambaling on a guy who gaved up and asked him to play dont be a b*tch and so on so on , just from 3 bad games riot decided i was to be released of my pbe account. Thank you community for all these months of fun, test , lags and match canceled because pbe got shut down , hope you get new guys , better then me , that wont flame you when you troll yourself up to the top. P.S ( whoever has Bless in their friend list just announce her about this situation , because i will never get to talk to my friend ever again , thanks)
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