When I Entered PBE Today

So I typed in my username and password as everyone else does. Then I entered the realm of League of Legends:Beta, supposedly beta testing a champion to check for "bugs and glitches". However to my surprise I was encountered with a problem, the problem of only having draft mode, now this was a huge issue for me. By being able to only play draft mode my resources were minimal at best, I saw about 3 friends online at a time. Now if I am not mistaken there needs a total of five players to play on draft mode so the only way if a person was to do differently was to play a custom. Most people such as I dislike customs because they also require friends and comrades if one was to decide on playing 5v5. If the person thought that they just wanted to play bots by themselves then there would be only him, but as most know the game play becomes lackluster and mundane after a few games. In summary beta moderators need to figure something out, so players with close to zero friends can still enjoy the server. {{champion:32}}
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