PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Ezreal Update!

All Forms: http://imgur.com/FQoJRjc 1st Form: http://imgur.com/la2ZKHb 2nd Form: http://imgur.com/TunBkta 3rd Form: http://imgur.com/DMAH4KW 4th Form: http://imgur.com/8X41KaV “I'll make my own future.” * **Updated VO script** -- including lots of new time-lines! * **New recall animation** - who needs a map when you can go back in time for a Heart of Gold? * **New homeguard animation** - Ez finally makes good use of his jetpack thrusters! * **Updated basic attack animations** - new dynamic motions! * **Updated all VFX** - pulsing, technological energy! * **Updated texture for all forms** - polished metals and dusted off leathers! PFE update is now available to play on PBE! As always, we'd love to hear any thoughts or constructive feedback, so please feel encouraged to share them with us! UPDATE: Some texture changes have been made to address feedback that the difference between the second and third forms was not satisfying when upgrading.
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