Player Behavior on the PBE

Summoners, Last week we posted on Boards about an upcoming (now in-progress) approval wave for PBE applicants. We're excited to welcome these new testers to PBE as they provide both additional testing manpower and new perspectives. We appreciate all you vets making new testers feel welcome and contributing to a positive PBE environment. In the post I linked, we also mentioned upcoming Player Behavior measures aimed at improving the PBE experience. The first of these measures is actually already in place - we enabled Leaverbuster earlier this week. One thing to note is that this feature will work differently than it does on the live servers, with both lower punishment thresholds and shorter penalties (e.g. leave a game and you might be immediately Leaverbustered, but only for one game). We made these changes to suit the PBE's unique testing requirements, and will continue to tune the system over time based on its effectiveness. We'll also shortly be implementing both chat restriction and intentional feeding detection. Once again, keep in mind that these measures may be tweaked from their live server versions in order to accommodate the PBE's particular needs. Ultimately, more testers on the PBE plus targeted Player Behavior measures equal a better environment for providing content feedback and identifying critical bugs. We'll continue to keep an eye on PBE data in the wake of these steps and take additional measures if necessary to maintain a high-quality, high-output environment. Thanks for contributing to the PBE! Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
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