[5.16] Experimental Azir EQ Changes

Here is some experimental changes to the way Azir EQ combo functions. Azir's EQ combo is heavily dependent on the player having low latency to achieve a long range cast. The changes on PBE in testing are to make it less dependent on latency. We tweaked the cast range of Conquering Sands (Q) to be more consistent during Shifting Sands (E). Edit: Essentially, timing of casting Q does not affect the range of the combo, but affects the radius of curvature and sharpness of the drift. Here is something that you can do now: (the turn is a lot sharper than it is possible on pre-5.16) http://i.imgur.com/6yc2GsP.gif At the same time, we are smoothing out some of the rough edges that makes Azir unintentionally difficult to learn. For example, Arise! 's casting is changed against turrets. Please feel free to post your feedback or bug reports with Azir below. SHURIMA!
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