I give up on this comunity

Konichiwa.I just want to play just a fcking game of pbe 1 per day atleast and when we want some roles we say first and are always people that type after top or instalok and don't even they want to go on another lane.LoL have now the most toxic community ever even in live servers I just give up with this community if you want you can ban my accounts on eune/na/pbe and GoodBye.Give me a message on email or on skype if you have a better community that doesn't flame,instalok,feed intentionaly,leave the game etc.I just give up just because of this toxic community and just childrens that doesn't care about someone say first better play other games atleast there will be a better community not toxic like this.GoodBye LoL and LoL PBE.Maybe I will come back just 4 doombots to play but not anymore.Arrigato
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