AFK Lower Priority punishment is to harsh for the PBE server users

Lets face it, how many times have you being dc from a game becouse PBE is bugged? Alot? Like I though! I just recently got yet another lower priority punishment for being a "leaver" or "AFK" this time for 20 min which is in my opinion too long and for 10 game(I wouldnt be suprised if I will stop using this client even more then I already have becous of this BS), It's like que up in dynamic que(face it Riot you fuked up with this one real bad), the time it take for you to find a game is longer then the actual match itself. But that's not the point of this thread, the point is that peoples get reported becouse of the cilent being not the greatest like always and get punished for that which isnt their fault at all (and being punished for something you didnt even wanted to do is frusrating as hell). Not to mantion that sometimes after you finish doing what ever after the x time you got the lower priority for, every time someone dodge or not clicking on ready you go back all the way to the start and need to wait yet another 20 min for multiple times and every 20 min wait isnt counted (so it makes more like lower priority for 50 games if not more). I think that even if it's PBE they should make this client abit more playable and actualy be considerate when it comes to afk or leaver because of the client fails. {{champion:32}} *sorry if their is any grammar mistake or misspelling here my english isn't the best*
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