[SKIN UPDATE] Underworld Twisted Fate

http://imgur.com/bcfm4Ze For a while now, we’ve heard that **Underworld Twisted Fate**’s cards often causes readability issues, especially around colorblind visibility. Skins should be fun, alternative fantasies, and they shouldn't present an advantage when playing them, or a disadvantage when playing against them. To solve for this, we've made the following adjustments to **Underworld Twisted Fate** - * The cards on **Underworld Twisted Fate** actually spin differently than the base, which is part of the readability concern. We'll be adjusting the animation on **Underworld Twisted Fate**'s (Q) to be the same as the base, so they'll rotate similarly. * To adjust concerns around colorblind impact and general visibility, we've made some hue changes to make the cards as visible as base Twisted Fate's cards. * Lastly, the cards on **Underworld Twisted Fate** for (Q) are smaller than the base, so they'll be resized to the base size. Hitboxes won't be affected. * **Bonus**: This should also resolve some visibility issues on Howling Abyss, as well as the main concerns on Summoner's Rift. We realize that this may not be the only case of hard to read particles, but this was only of the most egregious issues in the game. This doesn't mean other issues won't be addressed, but we felt this was a step in the right direction to resolving visibility concerns - especially in the realm of skins. Please feel free to check out these changes in game, and drop a line in this thread if you have any feedback, questions or concerns!

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