Improving Custom Bot Games

Just thought I'd share some ideas on creating custom games with bots because a lot of people like to practice a new champ or take a break from the pressure of ranked games now and then. First of all there could be another difficulty level that is harder than "Intermediate" and an option to simply change the difficulty of all the bots instead of individually having to tweak them, and perhaps program bots to jungle but that sounds pretty hard to do. As well as this, a position chooser for bots such as like in team builder to simulate a more realistic game scenario for practicing and general play would be a great addition as Taric mid doesn't usually work out for bots. An extra feature that would be nice to see would be the option to choose skins for bots like in Co-op vs AI which would be the cherry on top. Maybe even a way to save preferences so you can load up a custom bot game easier. Maybe this is taking things a bit far but these are the kind of things I would like to see in the custom game department to improve on the already capable experience we have. Thanks.
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