Toxic players in the PBE

So, the title explains it all, but i'm gonna try to explain it anyways. So, i'm a generally new PBE player, but I think I have the right to speak up about this. In every PBE game I go into there is going to be aleast one or two toxic players in my game, I know that the PBE is supposed to be a testing environment but it's so hard to just ignore the toxic players and focus on the testing even if you mute them because even if you do you will be distracted by the fact that you just know they're talking trash behind the scenes. I also heard from one of the toxic people (i'm not saying it's true by the way) you guys ignore reports on the PBE, if it's true please don't since it ruins the testing experience for PBE players. I know that my arguments might not be the strongest, but i'm just raising attention for this problem.
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