The Problem With Blue Essence Now

Me and my friends have started playing on PBE together more then on live so we can get to feeling how the pre-season's going to feel. Just like anyone else right? I feel like the runes have a ton of improvements to be made and how some runes just don't sit well with a lot of champions. But my main gripe has to be with Blue Essence. I know that very seasoned veterans (I have only been playing since the start of Season 4 so I don't put myself in that bot) have always complained about their piles and piles of IP have no use. Well I have to say clap clap to Riot for doing something about it. But even then I feel like they screwed it up. What's the point of removing gaining IP from matches? The amount of BE you acquire from the champion shards in the level capsules is nowhere equal to what you'd get if you just got BE from the end of games. Let's not also forget how this would seriously impair newer players if they want to get any new champs from either crafting or normally. I honestly don't feel like I'm gaining any BE and when I do I could have easily earned double if not triple the amount I got from just playing the games it took to level up. Not to mention first win of the day bonuses. And another note, I understand changing the shard values for anything related to BE. But why touch Orange Essence? It took a fair amount to earn skins that way but at least it made sense. Now you get nothing for disenchanting even an Ultimate Skin Shard but it still costs the same to unlock it. That is all. I hope others feel the same and that sometimes too much change isn't that great. Changing IP into universal BE? Great. Gimping how players GET BE? Bad. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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