Strawpoll for Teambuilder beta on LIVE servers

So I was on Reddit when I came about a post asking The PBE testers if they felt Team builder was ready for a beta test on live servers. The question was asked to the public thus making the Strawpoll invalid for obvious reasons. He shouldn't have asked the question on Reddit because now it's going to turn into "hurrppdurrrppp RiotLyte said we would be getting it on live servers soon they did a poll and everything"... When in reality, the people who have tested it might think it is far from ready for live. Lyte wasn't just asking whether people wanted it because of course they do, he was asking people WHO have tested it, whether if in it's current state, it's worth putting into the live game. So then FELLOW PBE TESTERS my question to you is: DO you believe Team builder in its current form is ready for a PUBLIC beta test on LIVE servers? Answer on the poll below :) P.s. Please only vote if you HAVE tested Team Builder P.s.s I got your back RiotLyte! :)
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