Loss of skins when updating client

Hi there! I just have a question about a problem I ran into a while back on the pbe client. I am an active pbe user, and one day, while logging on to the pbe client, there was an update. Nothing unusual, as these are common on the pbe, but when I logged on, all of my owned champions and skins seemed to have disappeared. Now this may not seem like a problem to most since there is plenty of ip/rp to purchase all the needed content, but as an active pbe user, I had bought multiple mystery skins with the large amount of rp given on the account. One of the skins I received with the mystery openings was "Rusty Blitzcrank". Although the skin is not the nicest of skins, I valued it thanks to its rarity. I was wondering if there is any way to get this skin back, or to be able to somehow look at my pbe history to prove that I once owned it? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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