Chroma Packs Slingshot onto PBE

Chroma Packs are back (now with 300% more gomu gomu). We’re bouncing out four new champion base chroma packs and one champion skin chroma pack, all designed with a specific theme in mind. So whether you’re terrorizing your foes with Morgana Haunt or dropping the axe with Darius Forge, these chroma packs re-imagine champs and skins as you know them. This round of chroma packs includes Morgana Haunt, Darius Forge, Caitlyn Rebel , Zac Sweet, and Rocket Girl Tristana Punk for 590 RP each. Let us know what you think of this champ and skin selection and who you think we should deck out in colors next! Got questions? Check out the [Chroma Pack FAQ here.](
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