"Ahri nerfs and 10 bans, I think I'l..."

http://prntscr.com/fb6if8 wait until it's on live servers. Honestly, I do not mind waiting a bit or being forced into Support (as long as it's not jungle, I'm fine). It's ludicrous that queue times are even as long as they are, I've tried at several different times from early morning to late at night and average time is 10-15 minutes plus about 6-8 dodges as people don't get the role/champion they want. Any Rioter reading this, would it be at all problematic to open it up and let people play? Either that or start going through PBE signups and start adding more people on and clearing the list of inactive people (maybe after 3 months or so? just an idea). I'll be the first to admit that the last time I played on here was roughly about Xayah's and Rakan's debut as I wanted to try out some of the new support item changes. Before then was when Elementalist Lux was up fro testing. As much as I would love to spend more time, there really is no incentive because of the following 1) Any balance issues will go mostly unheard and be pushed to live. I know the reasoning, but still you get things like Ekko and Bard who were broken and underpowered on release. In all honesty, it's better to just leave a Champion stronger than weaker, that's another tale for another time. For now, I will elave this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsC8io4w1sY 2) Find a bug? Good luck getting people to work long enough to see if it's your end or theirs. Most of the people I've run into treat this as Live and will do anything and everything to win. Yes, it should reflect live, yet would it kill you if I'm moving around and I can't tell if my Lucent Singularity is hitting (Lux E) and type "/all Yasuo, mind coming over to river? I don't think my e is doing damage" only to be gangbanged by their entire team. Custom and practice tool can only do so much, I find it better to have both sides instead of trying to find if it's just my end. 3) Finally, there's no incentive to be a tester. You're not officially a member of Riot and when something goes wrong on live, it's your fault for not doing the testing. Could there be something like when you hit Tab on Live, you have a little wrench or cog icon to signify you as a tester? Something as small as that would, at least for me, be enough to have me play on here a bit more often. Anyway, slightly ranting, might have gone off on the wrong direction with a lot of the points, I'm just really frustrated that the things I want to test there's never people and when I do get into a game, people dodge left, right, and center, and it feels like I'm playing at least Diamond 2 ranked queue. The last thing I can forgive since there's a mix of skill levels, just let me vent about that one T-T tl;dr Let me invite friends from live or something for more people to test Ahri nerfs and 10 bans.
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