AFKers and Queue Dodgers etc...

Hello all! I played 2 - 3 games of PBE today. Man it was amazing, I'm not going to lie. Its much more relaxed and actually fun. However, in each of the 2-3 games I played, there was at least 1 AFKer. Queuing took almost triple the time because of queue dodgers. I understand that the queue dodgers are a random variable and that it's really hard to solve that issue... But AFKers should be flagged down... I mean especially on PBE. On normal League I understand there's not much you can do but selecting a tester that is toxic or doesn't have the ability to run the game without leaving and reconnecting (isn't their fault, but its still bad)? I suggest running a computer scan to see what kind of rig the gamer has before selecting them as a tester? If they get a new computer during the application period they could update the application... After being selected as a tester, if they start dc'ing maybe make them run a scan again to see if they are still eligible... Just an idea... I realize Riot has been trying to fix this for a while now, it is an extremely hard issue to solve... PS: I'm sorta new to this whole forum thing so I don't exactly know etiquette or whether this is supposed to be here... Thank you, Kshaya
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