Ability Bar and Buff Update - Feedback Thread

Hello Summoners! Active items (items that come bundled with an ability) are tremendously powerful... if you can remember to use them! To address this, we're making a few changes to the ability bar that will better group and prioritize information. In particular, active item abilities are now displayed over your center ability bar! By placing them front and center, we hope to increase awareness and usage. Functionally, they will be ordered (and have the same hotkeys) as the slot they are assigned to in the item section. To supplement this change, we're also shifting buffs around. Left - Ambient Buffs. Buffs that do not contribute to moment-to-moment interactions are now located above your champion portrait. This includes auras, persistent states, and information that is already well-represented in game space. In addition, Buffs are left-justified, while Debuffs are right-justified. Center - Ability Trackers. Buffs that are core to your gameplay loop remain above your ability bar. This includes things like spell countdowns (Annie's Pyromania) and spell timers (Annie's Summon: Tibbers). We hope these changes will reinforce the ability bar as the tactical command center of game interaction. Try out the feature and let us know how you feel! As always, this is an iterative feature, which means we'll be making continued tweaks and improvements, even after we go live!
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