New Morg skin....Just no

This alone is MY opinion. Because apparently people forget sometimes...anywho Im all down for a new morg skin. I love her and she is my baby...but I honestly think shes gotten enough love compared to other, older champs. Regardless of the skin count, lets take a look at the skin I like the flow of the dress...Looks good, looks pretty...ya cool. Now everything else. please god why. She looks hunched and old af. the color scheme is WAY off. Her spells? Ya lets just change the colors compared to her original skin and call it good. NO RIOT THIS IS JUST LAZY! I know for FACT you could have done better. Not only tht but the color scheme kinda sucks. THIS IS MORGANA! SHE AINT CHEAP! (and if you are going to make her look least make the price of the skin cheaper because its honestly silly to call that worth anything over 975.) there are no new partical effects, only color changes to the particals. there are no voice overs, no new animations, no new taunts. THE ONLY difference is she has a different recall you can claim more money out of it. if you are going to give her a recall animation..Dont make it look like you were up till 5 in the morning on your last cup of coffee who hates your job and has given up on the world. the hell is that recal animation anyways? I was like "OH WATCH ME WATCH just dont watch me...ya no let me just poop all over this..." It was the most PITIFUL excuse of a recall animation i have EVER seen riot even call a creation. You guys are so creative and i love you, But dont make morgana look like a crap fest. My opinion. My thoughts, I let them out for least someone to see if not riot. Anyone elses opinions are welcome below. I just want to see better potential for this skin and I want it to put worth to its price and not make morgana look cheap and silly. Thank you.
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