My Account got banned after a "Riot Employee" was threatening me with banning my account.

Hi, last saturday i played with somebody who claimed to be a riot employee, and told me that he is going to ban me for my behavior. I was calling my support something like "bronze player". Ikr, not nice, not neccesary, i am sorry. Well, he said after the game that he cant ban me right now, that i have to wait until monday, and, this monday, i got a mail from riot that my pbe account was banned because i was violenting the Terms of Use. This does not make sense to me. No In-Client warning, No Leavebuster or Tribunal mail, nothing.(Yes,i checked my spam) Just this ban. What is going on? Does a Riot wanna help me? I do not write this to the normal player-support because the last time i wrote them a ticket about my pbe account, i got a response 4 weeks later.(i messed my login data up) Anybody wanna help?
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