Hexakill, and why it should be changed back to Summoner's Rift.

_**Riot, please read this and don't throw it into the shredder like most of the feedbacks you're receiving on a daily basis.**_ ------------------------ Hexakill quickly became disliked by a considerable amount of people over time because not only AoE-heavy champions always get banned (Example : Katarina) because they can wipe the enemy team in less than 5 seconds, but because Hexakill takes place in the worst map ever thought about : Twisted Treeline Now I know some of you Hexakill Lovers might be offended by this post, but let's be honest here, Riot made a really poor choice with the map selection this time. Here's why Twisted Treeline is a really poor candidate for Hexakill 1a. The map is extremely cramped. It was not centered around a 6v6, it was centered around a 3v3. 1b. The same crampiness is what allows AoE-heavy champions such as Katarina, Illaoi, Ryze etc. to be extremely powerful in this gamemode and 2. Most of the time it's always just a curbstomper battle based on whether or not that teammate helped you fight the enemies off or just left you to your doom in early game. Twisted Treeline is actually good, and so I can't find any more flaws to it, but Hexakill and Twisted Treeline will never go well together. Never. And to add salt to the wound, Riot only enabled normal draft pick for SR and removed ARAM. Now we're forced to wait 6-7 minutes for a SR game to begin (excluding the times people dodge because their OP champions got banned) or play a gamemode+map combination that is worse than the relic system on Ascension (which is quite an achievement). However, here is why Hexakill should better be moved to SR : 1. The map is very wide and not full of chokepoints/crampy spaces that actually makes people question selecting AoE-heavy champions. 2. 6v6 greatness either means a 2-2-2 lane positioning, 2-1-2 + jungler or 1-2-2 + jungler, which could actually make things interesting 3. The battles are not curbstompers (most of the time) 4. It's actually more enjoyable in general. Please, bring Hexakill back to SR like the first time it was released.
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