League of Legends Faction Icons? ( Idea )

Hello, First of all, my apologies if this topic has already been discussed before and conclusion has been made, however, since I didn't find anything particular in PBE forums, I decided to make this thread. So, League of Legends Faction icons, that's pretty much what it sounds and looks like. I think some of us are familiar with champion lores and that each champion has their specific "life story" ( lore ) about how they made their way to the League and where they came from, like cities and factions, for example Piltover, Bandle City, Ionia, Shadow Isles or factions like Noxus, Demacia, Order of Shadow and so on. Most of the champions represent specific faction or territory where they came from ( belong ), for example: Territory: Shadow Isles - Elise, Hecarim, Thresh, Evelynn and so on; Piltover - Caitlyn, Vi, Jayce, Orianna and so on; Void - Cho'gath, Vel'koz, Kog'maw, Rek'sai and so on; Faction: Noxus - Darius, Draven, Katarina, Swain, Talon and so on; Demacia - Garen. Jarvan, Lux, Vayne, Quinn and so on; Zaun - Twitch, Singed, Mundo, Warwick and so on. Sometimes it's difficult to separate faction from territory, like Piltover, which is city and at the same time faction. Therefor, we can easily mark them as equal: Territory - Faction. All this lore is quite complicated, therefor, I may have made mistakes, but I hope you got the point. I have added two links below, about each champion relations and banners so you can have a closer look. http://i.imgur.com/Xh6bFt8.jpg http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/140/1/9/198908cede313bccad5a2874d3ae3b6a-d7j1bhr.png Some time ago, Riot made something similar, but in way smaller scale, it was about 3 tribes of Freljord ( Winter's Claw, Avarosan and Frostguard ) where you could choose which clan to join and after that you got rewarded by it's icon ( unfortunately, you could only choose 1 clan ). Also, recently, Riot created icons that symbolized each role ( Support, Marksman, Jungle etc. ) and they were granted by playing specific role 5 times. By continuing Riot's idea, mine was, that after certain conditions we could get all those icons from specific Faction or Territory. Let's say: To get Shadow Isles icon - I must win 20 normal Summoner's Rift matches with champions that represent this Faction / Territory. The same goes for other factions / territories. To get Noxus icon - I must win 20 normal Summoner's Rift matches with champions that represent this faction, for example, Darius and Katarina and so on. These icons would be permanent rewards. This was my first time that I wrote something that long, however, I liked this idea so much that I couldn't resist. It's up to Riot to decide the conditions of granting the icons, as well as to makes this idea to come true at the first place, but I really hope it will. I'm also counting on you guys, that you find this idea cool.
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