the rotating game mode for the next patch

now for a while now the rotating game modes were very fun and its very great idea that they rotate every patch, but when most of them are fun they do become reptitive because they come back way too often like the current live game mode dark star and the up coming doom bots were on the live servers a few patches ago and having them agian really puts game modes like one for all or hexa kill that are great game modes that we would love on the way back of the list of game modes. like for example look at Ascension the mode came back 15 times! that more then any other mode.I am glad that doom bots is back but because we didnt have alot of it but still some game modes are bieng pushed to the way back and are almost not showen anymore. so me and many of my freinds and i belive that a lot of other people would like to play the other game modes too.
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